“CRO refers to the goal of converting as many site visitors as possible into paying customers.”

Expert conversion rate optimization

In marketing, the quickest way to improve your bottom line is to generate more leads from the traffic your site is already seeing. We determine how effective your site is at generating those leads through Conversion Rate Optimization.
If you’re not familiar, this probably sounds pretty technical. In reality, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is pretty simple. It’s an ongoing process to determine how exactly to do this.

Increasing time spent on your site

You might work on increasing the amount of time your visitors are spending on your site (since that makes them much more likely to buy. Or you might try and optimize your site to appeal to mobile visitors to get more out of that traffic. No matter what variables you’re focused on, the actual strategies behind this process can get pretty technical.
“CRO experts focus on effective web design, statistical analysis, strategic planning, and testing.”
But, at ProGrowth, we make it easy. Through our site design and general marketing consulting, we take care of the entire process for you.

How we deliver

Unfortunately, most marketing agencies don’t share the nuts and bolts behind their strategies. “At ProGrowth, we don’t believe in hiding our secrets—because there are none.” Everything we do to maximize your CRO is exactly what every other agency is doing. ‍ We just do it with impeccable customer service and with total transparency to you.
Here’s a breakdown of how we can optimize your site to convert more leads than ever before:
CRO Consulting with ProGrowth
Like we covered, there’s a lot involved with optimizing your site for conversions but, once you do, you’ll see sales skyrocket, a decrease in cost per acquisition, and an increase in profits per purchase.
This means you end up spending less and less on advertising to generate each sale on your site.
We Enhance Your Web Content

In other words, we revamp your website so it’s as easy as possible for your visitors to use. That covers things like menu navigation, links, landing pages and service outlines so that any time your visitors land on your site they know exactly
where they need to go.  

We Optimize the Usability of Your Site
We go through an in-depth audit of every single word on your site “If we find anything that takes away from the clear, compelling flow your site needs—we’ll make suggestions to improve it.”
Sometimes, this means we start with a clean slate. And, if that’s what’s necessary—we do exactly that for you.